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About Drishti

"Drishti” is an ancient gazing technique that teaches a person to see the world as it truly is, providing increased focus, stability and balance.

In a world where information is increasingly abundant, biased and rapidly evolving we work closely with wealthy individuals and families, business owners and professionals, foundations and charities, to help them see the investment world as it truly is. Prior to Drishti, our founder held a distinguished career with Pacific Life, Pacific Asset Management, Global Atlantic Financial Group and ran business development for a Silicon Valley based financial technology firm which partnered with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and many of Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital and private equity firms. This broad network and diverse experience provides Drishti with an innovative and timely perspective to the markets.

After over 20 years consulting investment professionals, private banks, brokerage firms, trust departments and asset managers our founder decided there has to be another way to provide sound financial advice. He wanted a place where the client’s best interest was put first, transparency was expected and fees were aligned with the value investment professionals provide. With this in mind and an iron will to change the financial services industry, Drishti was born.

Focus, Stability, Balance During Transition